San Francisco was the city I wanted to move to

Even though it doesn’t snow in San Francisco, CA, I love the fact that the neighborhood still gets into the holiday spirit, however one of the things that I love the most is all of the lights! The neighborhood is filled with lights, especially while in the Wintertide months and the holiday season.

ThoUSAnds of twinkling lights fill the streets and all of the scenery.

The neighborhood of San Francisco must spend thoUSAnds of dollars on electricity while in those months, but hopefully they are using wind or solar instead, last month was the first time I had a opportunity to really go to San Francisco proper, but i had to meet a customer in Golden Gate Park. The drive into San Francisco did not take as long as I thought it would take. Traffic was moving actually quickly and almost everyone was driving the speed limit, and when I hit the city, I saw all of the twinkling lights. They were all over the city, and even the recreational marijuana dispensary was celebrating the holidays. I stopped at the recreational marijuana dispensary in San Francisco before I met with the client. The location was adorned with poinsettia leaves and lots of odd ornaments and holiday themed items. They even had a holiday giveaway and free wheel spin. If you purchased $100 worth of recreational marijuana supplies, you qualified to chance an ornament off the tree. Each morning it had something free inside of it. When the hundred dollar purchase, I also got to spin a wheel for a discount on the next purchase. I really will not return to the recreational marijuana store, however it was still fun to see almost everyone getting into the holiday spirit.

Weed Dispensary San Fransisco CA