I decided to explore the city

I was scheduled to meet a client in San Francisco.

We were meeting at the conference center at 11 am.

I flew into San Francisco on the earliest flight possible, so I could arrive ahead of the client. Unfortunately, the client called me around 10:30 and informed me that he was going to be late. When I found out that the customer was going to be late, I decided to go to the wharf. I had a couple of hours to spend. I got some clam chowder in a bread bowl and I also purchased some fried calamari. I walked around the dock and I watched the fishermen for a while. I walked into all of the tourist shops and looked at the keychains, hats, and shirts. It was starting to get dark by the time I met with the client later that afternoon. The guy apologized for the delay, but it was not his fault. His plane had been delayed and he was coming from the other side of the country. We met at the same San Francisco Conference Center. We talked for several hours before parting ways. It was so late by then that I decided to postpone my flight until the morning. I found a hotel close to the airport. After the long day, I really wanted to relax. I contacted a marijuana delivery service and ordered a couple of items. I smoked a one gram marijuana joint outside on the balcony and then I laid down to get some sleep. In the morning, I smoked another marijuana joint before going to the airport for my flight.



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