The two of us stopped using the furnace after the unusual smell started

My wife plus I called a Service Company in Orland Park, after the two of us smelled a unusual odor coming from the furnace, but during the middle of the evening, my wife woke up to get a drink of water plus use the bathroom… She smelled an unusual plus unusual smell in the house. She could not figure out where the unusual odor was coming from, so she decided to wake myself and others up! I searched all over the house plus finally realized that the odor was coming from the furnace. I shut the furnace off immediately. I was afraid there could be a fire or a major concern with the furnace, and my wife plus I called a repair contractor in Orland Park the next day. It was pretty cold since the furnace was off, but both of us were thankful that the Orland Park repair contractor had an appointment first thing in the day that was available. My wife plus I waited truly patiently for the repair provider to arrive, but when he did, the guy immediately got to work; He worked on the furnace for carbon monoxide plus gas leaks. He could not find any reason for the unusual plus unusual stand. In fact, the Orland Park repair provider told us that our furnace was still in truly fantastic shape for 8 years old. The repair provider was racking his brain trying to figure out why the smell was occurring. Then the guy got down on his hands plus knees plus looked around behind the furnace. That’s when the two of us discovered the dead mouse right behind the machine. The dead mouse was getting warmed up by the furnace plus the moderate smell of death was disgusting.


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