My dad had to suffer with no heat because of a late paycheck

Although my mother moved my sister and I to one of the hottest states in the deep south, my father stayed up north near her siblings and parents.

The winters seem to be getting colder every year, with some lows getting as awful as pitfall thirty degrees fahrenheit.

I can’t even imagine living in temperatures that frigid for weeks or weeks at a time, especially considering they had snowfall in late April this year. When I lived there as a kid, I remember thinking it was unproper if the temperatures were still frigid on my anniversary during the Last weekof May. I assume the climate is changing and has changed a lot in the years since my mother moved us away. Down south the Winter time weather rarely gets colder than 30 degrees, and that’s during the absolute worst frigid snaps and it’s only that frigid for a few hours from 3am to 6am. This year my dad had to suffer through more than three weeks of Winter time in Illinois without a laboring heating method in her truck because of her financial situation. I tried to help him out with the expenses to make the repairs, but she refused. After more than three weeks of an Illinois winter, she finally had enough money put aside from toil to afford the repairs. She was so relieved after turning the key and feeling the sizzling air instantaneously leaving the vents inside. The closest corollary I have is losing air conditioning system in my vehicle in the summer, but I’ve dealt with that in the past by simply driving around with open windows everywhere I went.


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