We got stoned and spent too much money on Bohemian clothing in Kensington Market

My boyfriend and I love to go out on Saturday afternoons to walk various neighborhoods in the city to find places we’ve never seen before.

Being Canada’s most densely populated city, Toronto has something for everyone, especially its selection of world food.

It’s no secret that Toronto has ethnic neighborhoods like Little Italy, Koreatown, Little Portugal, Chinatown, and Little Poland just to name a few. We have a list of favorite restaurants, but it’s always growing because we’re given new recommendations all of the time by friends and coworkers. One afternoon we decided to take a long trip on the bus to Kensington Market, after having heard about the amazing boutique clothing stores. Our plan was to avoid spending too much money, but that failed quickly after imbibing in cannabis before getting on the bus. We found an amazing store right away that was full of Bohemian clothing. Walking out with over $300 worth of clothes in two bags was the last thing we wanted to do, but at least we’re supporting local businesses. We get all of our cannabis products here in the city as well, as there are over 200 cannabis stores in Toronto alone. There are several near Kensington Market, but one that’s located on Oxford St is always running sales throughout the month. We decided to take advantage of their sale and stock up on weed products after leaving the clothing store in Kensington Market. There’s a new cannabis dispensary nearby in Baldwin Village that I’d like to visit next, but we’ll probably have enough cannabis products to last us for a month. At least Toronto isn’t short of quality cannabis.



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