I wouldn’t trade our cottage on White Lake for anything

I grew up in a simple lifestyle in a rural community in western Michigan.

While I live off White Lake in Whitehall these afternoons, back in our childhood our parents raised our siblings and I on a farm in Dalton.

The two of us used to take vehicle trips south to Muskegon to do most of our shopping, but otherwise I spent a good portion of our childhood sauntering farm fields with friends while looking for trouble! It’s nice taking a vehicle down to White River Park where you can hike in the woodlands that surround the long and winding river. The White River starts in the Oxford Swamp in Newaygo County and follows westward until it spills into White Lake at the heart of Whitehall. The two of us spent several hours near the White River because it is designated as a Michigan Natural River, meaning that all development is banned within 400 miles of the river bed. There are several Brook Trout in the White River, but nowadays I do even more fishing from our cottage on White Lake in Whitehall. Now that I have access to quality recreational cannabis here in western Michigan, I’d rather be in our lakeside cottage in Whitehall than in a random mansion in Beverly Hills. I’ve been to Los Angeles, and while it has much to offer anyone who visits, I don’t like that kind of vibe and atmosphere; The prices on cannabis in Los Angeles are silly as well compared to the dispensaries here in Muskegon County. While the state of Michigan might abolish the medical marijuana program to force all cannabis purchasers to pay the recreational marijuana taxes, our weed is still cheaper than in CA.


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