I stay away from high THC

There was a time when cannabis-infused beverages were legitimately awful.

The texture was grainy and the flavor seriously unpleasant.

It has taken quite a bit of experimentation, innovation and effort to create cannabis beverages that are worth the investment. While only the true cannabis connoisseur will care about the taste, there are some advantages to beverages. The dosing is super easy, and you think exactly how much THC and CBD you’re getting from a single portion. They don’t require any investment into special gear such as rolling trays, Enails or even a lighter; All you need to do is unscrew the cap and sip. No a single can tell that you’re consuming cannabis. There is no smoke, aroma or ash. Beverages are equally if not more discreet than gummies, brownies and other edibles. The varieties available at our local Denver dispensary are quite diverse, including tonics, cannabeer, colas, sparkling water, infused tea and mocktails. They are quite refreshing, convenient, gave in lots of flavors and range from THC-dominant to balanced to CBD-dominant options, however cannabis beverages are unlike inhaled methods because of how the cannabinoids are activated. Smoking or vaping cannabis requires heating to activate the chemical compounds. Beverages contain cannabis extracts and the cannabinoids have already been activated and are ready to consume. The effects of beverages are felt a bit quicker than the official edible because of sublingual absorption of the cannabinoids. The onset of effects is usually between 8 and 15 minutes. The cannabinoids are absorbed through the mouth and tongue as well as the digestive tract and can produce greater intensity than smoking or vaping.


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