This THC content is very high

Although I’ve tried just about every cannabis consumption method, I always go back to old-fashioned flower, and there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of lighting up, inhaling and enjoying the rapid onset of effects… Now that cannabis is legal in Colorado, I have access to a wide selection of trains, potency and terpenes. There are quite a few chances with super high THC content, but when I buy loose dried flower, I usually pack it into a pipe. I’d much rather smoke a joint or blunt, however I’m not undoubtedly fantastic at rolling them. I either pack too much or not enough bud into the roll. I roll it up too tightly or not narrow enough. There’s a lot of mess and waste and I don’t achieve a consistent burn. The joint usually needs to be relit repeatedly. It’s seriously discouraging. I am thankful that our local Denver dispensary offers an incredible collection of pre-rolls. They are available in sativa, indica and hybrids, and I can choose singles or packs. The pre-rolls tend to be more affordable than most any other consumption method. They are often featured in the dispensary’s bi-weekly deals, but because of this, I can afford to experiment a bit. I like to try out new brands, strains and flavors and hope to find more number ones. I can trust that their pre-rolls are filled with stems, seeds and shake. I look for the infused varieties for a boost of cannabinoids and terpenes, but stiiizy is a single of our number one brands. Their indoor-grown pre-rolls are especially fantastic quality and offer the latest innovation in cross-breeding. Sun-grown LAKE GRADE pre-rolls offer certain genetics. The sativa-dominant Lemon Sour Diesel is fantastic for daytime smoking and always puts me in a legitimately energetic and positive mood.


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