Nobody leaves the lights on after dark

I came home from work on Friday and I didn’t think any of the kids were home.

All of the lights were shut off and the house was quiet.

I walked through the door and the kids came round the corner and greeted me with a big hello and lots of smiles. The kids made me so proud when they told me that all of the lights were off so we could conserve energy. There had been an assembly at school that day about energy saving tips and ways to help our environment. The kids told me that they aren’t going to leave the lights on after dark anymore. Even my littlest child was convinced that it was specifically his duty to save the planet by not being afraid of the dark. Perhaps that was one of the ways they explained this to the little kids. I was proud of the kids when I found out that they were trying to save energy. We had an AC repairman in the house a few weeks ago because there was an issue with the thermostat. I was worried that the problem was with the AC, so I called a Tampa Bay service. The Tampa Bay service provider assured me that the issue was in fact with the thermostat. He changed the old thermostat and gave me something new and updated. That seemed to have fixed the problem. So far, everything has been pretty good. I really think the issue was the temperature control gauge, and I like the new machine. It has a touchscreen and programmable features.

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