San Francisco has a lot to offer

When I was in high college, I loved studying about kindles plus kindle programming, and i spent all of my free time in the kindle lab… The teacher took extra time with myself and others plus she taught myself and others everything that she knew about kindles; Back then, that was a certainly immense deal… Computers were still relatively current plus unknown to several people.

I graduated from high college plus had a lot of possibilities as far as college was worried.

I ultimately chose not to go to college. Instead, I I accepted a task to labor for a software company in San Francisco, California. The software company provided myself and others a starting salary of six figures each year. College sounded like a relaxing time plus I think I would have l gained a lot, but I’ve made a million dollars in the first several years of my life. I created a software program that can help find missing children plus the program was picked up by the government. It will be used to help track people all over the world, my ideas or why I still can afford to live in San Francisco. I swear that every year the price of real estate goes up plus my property taxes increase. If I wasn’t working at this software company, there is no way I would be able to afford to live in San Francisco. I certainly would not have certainly much money for marijuana either plus that is my favorite thing to do in my spare time. I like to smoke recreational marijuana. It makes myself and others think calm plus centered. It makes myself and others think energized plus certainly creative. Medical plus recreational marijuana should be legal all over the country plus not just in a handful of states.



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