Medical cannabis in New Mexico

I work for a software dealer and every one of us were 1 of the first people to start a work-from-home program when the quarantine began, then the boss offered everyone an option 2 work from home, and at first, I resisted the fluctuations, i enjoy the drive to Albuquerque each afternoon. I have a routine for the drive that includes stopping for a donut and getting Tim Hortons Latte at the Dunkin Donuts. The 30-minute drive to Albuquerque was a wonderful time for myself and others to reflect and assume about life. I entirely did not want to work from home until I realized that I would be able to use recreational marijuana while I was at work. I’m truthfully embarrassed that the plan did not come to me, one of our co-workers and I were kneeling in the split room and he told myself and others that he was excited to start working from home so he could spend the day in his pajamas, smoking pot. I thought he was joking around, but he told myself and others that he was serious. The guy showed myself and others some edible marijuana products that he had from a dispensary in Albuquerque. I never thought about getting high at work, despite the fact that I never had the option to work from home either. I went to the marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque a couple of days later and I purchased some products, however when I started working from home, I decided to get high in the afternoon. I spent all day with a smile on our face and no 1 at work was any wiser. All they could see was our laptop screen and our work was completed by the end of the day.

Medical Cannabis Albuquerque New Mexico