Making some reservations

Neither my mother nor I were sizable gamblers, unless you consider online casinos that do not pay out real currency, like gambling.

When my mother told myself and others ‌she wanted to spend her 77th birthday in Las Vegas, I knew I was going to make it happen‌… I was talking to my partner told what mama had asked for her birthday, he told myself and others ‌I should make the reservations at any hotel, & have a fantastic time.

When the two of us first stepped into the casino, I could see my mom’s eyup trailing over to all the slot machines… Both of us were not even in our room for 10 minutes when she was already heading out the door to go down & do some gambling. Both of us never made it to the slot machines because she saw the spinning wheels, however she loved being able to sit her currency down on a board & option a number. She won little currency, however the two of us did a lot of laughing while she was there, and on the fourth day that mom & I were in Las Vegas, I asked her she had a fantastic time. She told myself and others there was only one thing that she still wanted to do before the two of us decided to go home, & that was to go to a marijuana café. She had study all about Las Vegas, Nevada, & realized that Las Vegas, Nevada, had legalized both medical & recreational marijuana. Someone had told her that marijuana could ease the aches in her joints, & since the two of us were already in Vegas where recreational marijuana was legal, she thought the two of us may as well go try it out.

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