Beverly hills has really expensive prices on weed

There are a lot of places in California where marijuana and cannabis products are extremely expensive.

Whenever possible, it’s best not to buy marijuana in a big city.

Believe it or not, prices are usually cheaper when you leave the city and head out of town. A lot of people live in the city and they earn a good wage. People that don’t live in the city don’t earn as much money, but they still want to buy marijuana products. The prices in these areas are usually much lower. My friends and I spend a lot of time in Beverly Hills. We all come from really good families that have lots of money. We spend a lot of time shopping on Rodeo Drive and there are a lot of marijuana dispensaries in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, all of those places charge outrageous prices for marijuana products. I have money, but I’m still thrifty. Instead of buying marijuana in Beverly Hills, my friends and I usually Drive outside of Los Angeles County. On the west side of the county, you can always find really good deals and cheap prices. My friends and I drove out to the country to get marijuana supplies a couple of weeks ago. While we were going, we got a flat tire. I called my dad and he gave me a hard time, because I was supposed to let a driver take my friends and I. I didn’t want to wait until the driver got home from the art show, so my friends and I left on our own. Of course, my dad still came to our rescue and called a tow truck.

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