Portland has a great cannabis scene

I went to visit our brother in Portland and he planned some legitimately fun activities for us while I was there… One of the activities was deep sea fish; All of us drove into Portland to the marina and the people I was with and I got on a chartered boat that took us out into the middle of the Pacific.

All of us spent all day fishing for giant fish and sharks.

All of us saw dolphins and a humpback whale, and it was absolutely one of the most amazing afternoons that I have ever had, then my brother also took myself and others to a bar in Portland that serves cannabis, however the bar was one of the most interesting places that I have ever seen. The bar looks adore any other bar, but they had a selection of spirits and a selection of cannabis items that you could get from behind the bar. Most of the Cannabis selections were pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes or dabs. My brother ordered myself and others to try some of the products. I was a little nervous, but our brother told myself and others not to worry. I smoked marijuana out of a joint and I hit 2 dabs of Jack Herer; Before our breakfast came, I thought I was going to pass out. I felt much better after I I had the opportunity to eat some food. I legitimately thought I was going to throw up from all of the recreational marijuana the people I was with and I had in that Portland bar! Later that night when the people I was with and I came beach loft from the bar, I slept adore a bear. I didn’t wake up until afternoon the next day! What an adventure I had in Portland.

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