This Denver dispensary is amazing

When the modern Denver dispensary location opened in May, I ordered T-shirts for all of the staff, however i wanted the staff to have matching uniforms that were just a little bit strange than the official shirts for the marijuana dispensary staff.

I ordered a t-shirt from the manufacturer as well as they sent a sample in the mail a couple of afternoons later.

I approved the sample as well as the t-shirts were produced! They were shipped via FedEx one week later. I was really frustrated when I received the shirts. The quality of the fabric wasn’t what both of us discussed as well as it undoubtedly wasn’t the same quality of fabric that was presented to me in the first sample. The two of us only had a week until the Denver dispensary location opened for business. I wasn’t sure that both of us would be able to get the right shirt before opening day. I contacted the manufacturer as well as I told them about the problem with us. They tried to argue that the fabric was the same. I knew it was a mistake to deal with the same company a minute time, so I contacted a local company to see if they could help us fulfill the order. They had the shirts ready in two afternoons as well as they used soft, breathable cotton. The colors were bright as well as vibrant as well as the name of the Denver dispensary was absolutely visible on the back… After the grand opening celebration, I contacted the original manufacturing company as well as their corporate office. I recommended a full refund for the shirts as well as I threatened them with a loss of statewide business if they did not come up with the money.


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