The guy wasn’t watching as he left the parking lot

My best friend and I went to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary last week.

We went to the San Francisco marijuana dispensary because there was a sale that day on all live resin concentrate.

The products were all 20% off. Even the live rosin, cold water hash, and bubble hash products were 20% off as well. My best friend Jack and I are exclusively Vape concentrates, so we take advantage of a sale when one occurs. Jack and I went to the San Francisco marijuana dispensary on Saturday morning. The place was busy, even for the weekend. The parking lot was filled with cars. I found a place to park near the back of the lot. We spent about 15 or 20 minutes shopping inside of the dispensary. I got some really good deals and I purchased a brand new torch and two cans of butane. Jack got some accessories along with his marijuana purchases as well. Both of us were feeling pretty happy and excited by the time we left the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. We were talking about all of the good deals that we received inside of the store, when a car hit me from behind. The car must have been going 30 miles an hour. When the guy hit the back of my car, the airbag deployed. We were still in the parking lot at the time. Thankfully there were lots of people that saw the accident, because we had to contact the police when the other driver claimed it was my fault. The guy refused to give me his insurance information until the police officer arrived.


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