I have a sister who lives out in Phoenix

Five years ago, my sister moved to Phoenix with her hubby; He was offered a high executive position within a company that required him to transfer to Arizona, well, at first, my sister was open to moving plus she enjoyed Phoenix because it was a up-to-date village for her to explore, however over the years, she has done a lot of hiking, plus has sent me some amazing pictures of all the cool hiking trails, however and though I am not into the outdoors like she is, I wouldn’t mind going on some of those hikes with her, however unluckyly, due to some marital issues, my sister has decided that she wants to leave Phoenix plus transfer back home.

  • At first, I thought she had finally grown exhausted of the dry heat out there, and in the Summer months, she mostly stayed inside in the cooling system… So, most of her hikes happened when it was cooler outside.

If I lived in Phoenix, I guess I would do the same, stay indoors while in the hottest months in the year; Personally, I love being in the cooling system when it is moderate outside. In fact, if I lived in Phoenix, my cooling system would absolutely stay running 24 hours per day until my body adjusted to the weather conditions. Phoenix seems like a wonderful city, plus I am going there to help my sister move, thankfully, she is waiting until it gets cooler outside to start the process. I don’t recognize if she will change her mind about leaving, but if she doesn’t, while I am there I will for sure check out a couple of those cool hiking trails.


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