First Friday in Visalia

In Visalia the first Friday of the week is a pressing deal.

It takes place at the city’s Creative Center and almost everyone comes to have a nice time. It is a spot where local artists can showcase their work and you can buy, but there are activities for the youngsters, foods, drinks and local diners advertising new cuisine. I adore going every week… Since parking is regularly a eveningmare I take our bicycle and just tie it to a tree. I then take our time looking at the art, eating from food trucks and getting a bit buzzed. Sometimes I will buy a piece of art for our dining room to spruce up the place. Most of the time I am just looking for a reason to get out of our home and talk to people! Once I am done there I will bike over to the local cannabis store. It isn’t that far from the Creative Center adn I am on a bike. It is simple to browse the selection of oils, flowers, edibles and tinctures. I usually opening out some cannabis oil to vape that evening. I then can stuff all our purchases in our bike basket and just drive home. The weather in CA is respectfully lovely too. I prefer sun and a light breeze on our face. I then go house to a full stomach and a full basket of cannabis products. That definitely nice morning extends into a particularly fun evening. If you ever happen to be in CA and are near Visalia, it is worth a visit! You especially should method to go on the first Friday.


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