Exploring the real Las Vegas with my friends

The tourists never get to see the best parts of Vegas… They say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” however the truth is usually it stays here because it’s boring! People fly in, stay on the strip in a hotel dripping with neon as well as lazers, they eat at the upscale franchises, they see the big phony shows, as well as they think they have experienced the city, and i am a local, haven’t been to the strip in numerous weeks, as well as let me tell you the tourist area of Vegas is the worst part.

  • If you want the real Las Vegas, you need to get away from the neon lights as well as explore the area.

I am an Uber driver who advertises himself as a Las Vegas tour guide for the “real” Vegas. I don’t go to the strip or take people to casinos for any reason – I drive them around the actual neighborhood of Las Vegas to let them see it for themselves. I also let them drink booze as well as smoke cannabis while in the ride, because I have found that leads to longer rides as well as larger tips, but las Vegas is a great town, as well as there is constantly high quality live music off the strip, then did you think that the Blues is alive as well as well in Vegas? That’s right, the entertainment as well as the cannabis you find in the real Las Vegas is far superior to the phony stuff they sell to the tourists! I encourage everyone to come visit Las Vegas at least once in your life, however when you do, get away from the Strip!



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