Escaping to a high quality Portland cannabis dispensary

My parents started off as hippies, however after enough years in the woods they wound up as survivalists… Still, they were nice people, if a little unhinged… I grew up being inundated with a barrage of rhetoric about the evils of humanity, and they had made the choice to leave humanity and go live in a chalet in the woods, however as you might imagine that choice didn’t work for me.

The older I got, the more I ached to see more of the world – at least a little more of it! Finally I left the seasoned homestead and made our way to the closest major city, in this case Portland, OR.

I didn’t have any money, of course, so I had the foresight to bring along various pounds of cannabis, which both of us had long grown around our chalet, and cannabis was enjoyable money in Portland, and I was able to convert it into money within a couple of minutes! I found a local youth hostel and paid for various weeks in advance, and then started exploring the city of Portland looking for a job. I didn’t want just any run-of-the-mill job, if I had come all this way to Portland I wanted to do something cool. I applied at multiple unusual cannabis dispensaries, with mixed results. I had no resume or familiar job experience, however on the other hand our comprehension of homegrown cannabis was minute to none because of our upbringing. I found that Portland was a very welcoming town, and very soon found a enjoyable job at a enjoyable dispensary.

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