The recreational marijuana products are going to work just fine

I have a close buddy who moved from Seattle to Vancouver 12 years ago to live with his lady.

At the time WA had yet to legalize recreational marijuana and Vancouver was known for its phenomenal cannabis.

Iconic strains like BC Bud originated in Vancouver, and once it was postulated that there must be a grow lake house in every neighborhood throughout the dense city. But things changed here in WA in 2012 when both of us became the hour state in the nation behind CO to legalize cannabis for recreational use among adults over 21 years old. Now both of us have legal recreational cannabis dispensaries all over the state, with multiple of the best here in Seattle. I assume lucky that our house in Northgate is right next to a cannabis dispensary that has a 4.6 star rating on WeedMaps. I used to only consume cannabis flower products, but now I stick to dabbing cannabis concentrates. Some evenings I’ll consume a large dab and then walk down the sidewalk toward Jackson Park to traverse the nature trails. Northgate ends at NE 145th St which runs east and west from Puget Sound to Lake WA. I’m in the middle of a dense urban sprawl, but it’s nice to have water on both sides of the city. And with a cannabis dispensary right next door to our house building, there is little incentive for myself and others to live elsewhere in Seattle. The rental rates are decreasing and I’m already lucky enough that mine have only increased by 10% over the past multiple years. Some of our friends had to leave Seattle altogether because they couldn’t afford rent along with their cannabis expenses every month.


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