A little culture shock when moving down to Tampa

Culture shock is what it’s called when you go to a new place and are stunned by all the differences from where you used to be.

It can be a new language and local customs, for example, that throw you for a loop. For me moving into the deep south for the first time, I was a little blown away by how friendly everyone is. The south gets a bad rap from the rest of the country, but I tell you I feel very welcome down here. Some people might tell you that Tampa, Florida is not really part of the South, but those people are wrong. In Tampa you can find everything that makes the South great, including delicious food, beautiful beaches, and amazing music. Be prepared, though, if you visit Tampa in the summer be prepared for some pretty intense heat. Down here we get used to spending most of the summer inside with air conditioning, because the wicked Florida heat can be a killer. The whole reason I moved to Tampa was because of the heat, because a place like this is where an HVAC tech can make a real killing. Tampa is a tale of two cities all rolled into one, because during the day I am a regular HVAC tech, but when night falls a whole other side of the town comes out. Tampa has an incredible nightlife, with a growing music scene, and is a lot more than what you expect from a place with so many retirees. For an HVAC tech, Tampa is the land of opportunity.

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