Orland Park is a very fun place to be

Overall this is a quiet stadium to live, & all of us are not known for crime, however if anything, for a town this close to Chicago our crime rate is shockingly low.

Orland Park is a nice stadium to live, & to raise a family, I’m living proof! Nonetheless, like every other small town it has its legends & myths.

Ours involves a shadowy man in a white van who allegedly kidnapped a few people in the mid-80s! The missing people were never found, & the culprit was never identified, which turned him into a local legend. There has never before been a motion picture made about this Orland Park legend, so I thought I should be the a single to do it. I’m an Orland Park native, born & bred, & I yearn to do something more than work in this Heating, Ventilation, & A/C repair shop our whole life. I was discussing it with a few of our friends, & they thought I should use our work van from the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C shop to shoot the motion picture. Since the mystery man drove a white van, & all of us had a white van, why not film some scenes & see if all of us could get a motion picture about Orland Park into production. The two of us didn’t even need to make a motion picture, at first, all of us could just shoot some footage & use that to find some financial backers in Orland Park. It turns out our boss at the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C shop was not cool with us using his van in the production, & he came this close to firing me for wasting business time!

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