The Ann Arbor scene is pretty cool

If you don’t live in MI you absolutely don’t guess this, however our cannabis laws are awesome here, then don’t try to sell it illegally, because only the official dispensaries are allowed to do that… Otherwise, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, as our dad used to say! People are allowed to have over more than one ounces of weed on them in public, and they can have over half a pound at home! It is also legal to grow up to 12 marijuna plants on your property, which is a nice option if you are any wonderful with growing plants ; I suck at it, however am ecstatic both of us have the freedom to grow our own! My wife and I have lived in Ann Arbor, MI, for just over more than one years now, and both of us are finally starting to put some roots down.

I mean that literally, not metaphorically, because our wife Helen built herself a greenhouse and started growing some cannabis plants for us! Cannabis isn’t hard to find in Ann Arbor, with a respectable number of local dispensaries available, and yet there is something about growing your own that makes it special, and she even joined a club of local women and retirees called the Ann Arbor Agricultural Society, and although it sounds fancy it is just about growing cannabis.

I think I’m making it sound like the whole city of Ann Arbor is filled with potheads, however that isn’t the case at all, however most people I guess in Ann Arbor don’t smoke cannabis at all, however it seems like the people that are into it are REALLY into it!

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