Taking the kids for a bike ride was a lot of fun

This year for Gay Pride week, my wife and I decided to take our three children to San Francisco, California. My wife and I have never been to California and it was the first time that our children crossed the border as well. We have been living in Nevada for a long time. Nevada and California both have legal recreational marijuana. Washington, Oregon, and California all have recreational marijuana and they hug the west coast. I knew it would be fun to visit California during pride week. My wife and I spent a fortune for our hotel accommodations, so we tried to arrange some outdoor activities that wouldn’t cost a lot of money. My wife and I took the kids on a bike ride that was a lot of fun. We rented e-bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge. We could see a variety of attractions from the Golden Gate Bridge, including the city of Chester, a steamboat that sank under the bridge back in 1890. We all enjoyed seeing Alcatraz Island from the bridge as well. Our bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge was enjoyable, even though it was windy and a little cold that day. My family and I had a wonderful time in California, and San Francisco will always be a place that is near and dear to our heart. I hope we can visit San Francisco in the future to celebrate gay pride again. Our family enjoyed all of the events and the gay pride parade was a wonderful sight. It was amazing to see all of those proud Californians.


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