The dispensary gave free delivery with our order

I went online to look for a marijuana dispensary near me and I only found a single place! When I searched for delivery services, I found a lot more options.

I found numerous weird delivery services that had fine prices! Each a single of the San Francisco marijuana delivery services offer free delivery with a $50 purchase.

I knew it wasn’t going to be hard to make a $50 purchase, so I tried to find the San Francisco marijuana dispensary that had the best overall prices on marijuana concentrate. I spend most of our cash on concentrate; Concentrate is a really potent form of marijuana that usually has 60 or 79% THC. It is much more potent than the dried flower form that most people smoke. It is also much more fancy, and a gram of marijuana flower might be $5, but a gram of marijuana flower concentrate is around $20; Some strains are more fancy than others, however I have a budget. I picked out numerous weird grams of cannabis concentrate that were live resin strains. My total purchase at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary was $110. I qualified for free delivery even after I acquired a 20% discount for being a first-time patient. I did not have to leave the apartment to pick up the order and the driver arrived with all of our marijuana supplies 30 minutes after I placed the order and acquired an email confirmation. It was really easy and fast to order online. I wish I could have purchased more concentrate, since I was getting 20% off the total.

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