This is why they should legalize cannabis

My mom was sad to see me move 1500 miles away from home

When I was younger, I went to Summer camp with all of our friends. We always had a good time at Camp, whether all of us were hiking, fishing, or kayaking. Some of our friends lived close to our home as well as others were much further away. Two guys from the camp were from Denver, CO. I stayed in touch with these guys even after Summer camp was over; One time our mom sent me on an airplane to visit with our friends. It was the first time I ever got on an airplane. I stayed with our friend’s parents as well as all of us visited all of the cool locations to see in Denver, after our friends as well as I graduated from high college, I went to junior college. I truthfully did not care about going to class as well as learning as well as I suddenly realized that college was not for me, jack as well as Jason told me to move to Denver. They promised to find me a good job if I moved to the city. There were a ton of good reasons to move to Denver. My friends were at the top of the list, however recreational as well as medical marijuana was just underneath. I smoked recreational marijuana with our friends, as well as it sounded actually cool to live in a location where it was legal. Shortly after the guys presented me with the offer, I accepted. I moved to Denver a couple of weeks later. My mom was sad to see me move 1500 miles away from home. As promised, Jason got me a job working with him at a recreational marijuana dispensary. I work the counter on the weekends as well as days.
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