Enjoying cannabis

When our girlfriend and I got into a automobile accident in Denver, our car was completely totaled; The disfigures were beyond repair and the insurance supplier decided to write us a check for the car.

My girlfriend and I searched all over Denver for a current car.

The two of us hit up all of the dealerships for the best deal and savings; I finally picked out a used Honda Accord that had low miles and a brand current transmission. The Honda Accord was 1 of the better deals, because the automobile had a sunroof and a bike rack. My girlfriend and I spend a lot of time riding bicycles on the weekends. The bicycle rack was 1 of the biggest reasons why I finally decided on the Honda. The first weekend after our girlfriend and I purchased the automobile in Denver, the two of us decided to go to the wildlife preserve to spend the day hiking. The two of us took both of our bicycles to the wildlife preserve. The two of us rode on various of the trails until the two of us found a nice spot to kneel and have a picnic. I wore our backpack on the bike. I had all of our picnic stuff in the backpack, and I also had various marijuana joints in the bag. My girlfriend and I smoked 1 of those marijuana joints as soon as the two of us got comfortable and found a spot for our picnic. I brought a live resin infused pre-roll that had orange dream flower and Super Silver Haze concentrate. The infused marijuana joint was particularly tasty. It had a hint of orangeberries and a nice floral fragrance.



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