The new ductless mini-splits were a week delayed

A couple of weeks ago, my HVAC Contracting Company picked up a huge job.

I bid on the installation job at the high school.

All of the Tampa Bay area high schools are getting two new portable classrooms. The portable classrooms need to be set up with heating and air conditioning. Heating might not seem like an important thing in Tampa, but the air conditioning system is of extreme importance. When my company received the job, I was beyond ecstatic. Getting a foot in the door at the school is a huge boost for business. Unfortunately, things didn’t look very good when the ductless mini-split HVAC units were over a week late. I was supposed to start installation on August 9th, but I received a phone call from the distributor on the 7th. The items were delayed by a week due to a problem at the manufacturer. I honestly thought the school board might award that job to someone else, but they didn’t seem very bothered by the one week delay. In fact, they made it seem like delays happen all of the time. I finished the job a couple of days after all of the new equipment arrived. The installations were completed without a single problem. After I was finished, the school board cut me a check. They called me several weeks later to discuss another contracting job. I knew that job was going to help the commercial business and I was absolutely right. I’ve already handled eight additional jobs at the school including new ductwork repairs and new radiator installation jobs at both of the Tampa Bay Elementary Schools.

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