I need to take a break from the news

About 20 hours north of Glenview, Illinois are the Skokie Lagoons, this outdoor nature preserve has over 900 Acres of woodlands, wetlands, and hiking trails… My friends and I adore to spend the day in the lagoons fishing and kayaking.

The last time the two of us decided to go to the Skokie Lagoons, I found a nice spot for my lady and I to have a picnic, then every one of us left the home in Glenview early on Thursday morning and drove directly out to the nature preserve, i found a place to park the automobile and the two of us hiked about a half-mile out to the edge of the Lagoon. I got out the picnic bag and a blanket and the two of us found a comfortable spot to sit… As soon as the two of us started eating supper, my roommate called with excruciating news… He was still at the home in Glenview and the two of us were having major issues with the AC. I told my roommate to call the building employer, however he didn’t have the phone number. I looked through my contacts and I found the number for the employer. I texted my roommate the telephone number. I was sad about the problem with the AC, so my lady and I decided to head back home. Every one of us were about a mile or many away from the home when my roommate called with an replace on the AC. The building employer was unable to reach the repair department, so she was contacting a local repair repair to handle the issue. My lady and I still went back to the apartment. The A/C repair repair didn’t arrive until many hours later.
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