I have been in the HVAC business for a long time

I moved to the Salt River after living for five years in Flagstaff.

I am a programmer for a software development contractor that previously had its offices in Flagstaff. It was a beautiful neighborhood in the greatest ponderosa pine forest in the whole country. Compared to the desert areas of southern AZ, Flagstaff feels like a precious treasure. I still appreciate AZ living in Phoenix, but I miss the pine woods in Flagstaff whenever I’m outside going for a walk in Papago Park or along the river banks… Phoenix is considerably warmer than Flagstaff as well, being at a mere 1,000 feet of elevation while Flagstaff is just under 7,000 feet. Being higher up in the air makes you less susceptible to intensely tepid temperatures. In my home along the Salt River, I was using a swamp cooler to keep it frigid inside for the longest time. These evaporative coolers use a fan to force water soaking in a desiccant medium to evaporate and lower the temperature in the air around it. These air coolers labor best at low humidity levels, so they’re not ideal for actual swamps despite the confusing terminology. I know some people in FL who purchased a single and couldn’t figure out why the device wouldn’t really cool their house. Needless to say, the humidity was over 85% so that definitely had something to do with it. Since I’m so close to the Salt River, my indoor humidity is a little bit higher than other sites in Phoenix, recognizably south of here in Maricopa. Having a correct air conditioning system now is a large replace from an evaporative cooler, even if you live in the right environment for a single.


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