The two of us moved to California in the 90’s

My fiance plus I decided to move to San Francisco, California, shortly after the two of us were finished with school. My fiance Betty was reading laptop graphics plus software applications plus I was reading engineering. Betty and I found new tasks in San Francisco plus we moved there weeks later. Betty plus I have been living in San Francisco, California for the past 25 years. Betty and I have seen a lot of wild swings while in that time. One major change has been the laws regarding marijuana. When we first moved to California, marijuana was still illegal. Now it is legal for both medical plus recreational purposes; These days Recreational marijuana sales bring in billions of dollars each and every year. There are marijuana dispensaries located all over the state. San Francisco has a crazy high concentration of marijuana dispensaries. Betty plus I did not use marijuana products until recently, when the nurse said it would help with anxiety plus depression. Betty and I have various local dispensaries with wonderful prices that are both competitive while still realistic. Even though a lot of things have changed in the past 25 years, Betty plus I still care about a appealing relationship. The two of us had children plus the youngest is about to graduate from private school in a couple of weeks. Betty has been honestly cheerful here in San Francisco for a long time, but after the girls are gone we will probably move to the country plus leave village life behind. I’m tired of dealing with heavy traffic plus tourists every single day plus I would love to find a location with a couple of acres of quiet farmland.

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