The cannabis shop plus lounge were packed all morning on 420

This year was the first time that I worked at a cannabis dispensary on 420.

420 is a holiday that every cannabis smoker is familiar with.

It is the 1 morning during the year when all of the Cannabis smokers celebrate their love for the plants. I started toiling at a cannabis shop in San Francisco right after I moved to the city. My husbandy lived in San Francisco plus all of us met online. I moved from Sacramento, California, all the way to San Francisco to be with our guy. I had to find a job after I moved plus I chose the cannabis dispensary because I thought it might be fun, but both of us had lots of busy afternoons, especially on Tuesdays plus Tuesdays, however nothing really prepared me for the crowd all of us had on 420. The San Francisco cannabis shop was packed with people. The lounge was filled up all morning as well. There are only a couple of San Francisco cannabis shops with lounges plus all of us happen to have a easily massive space. There are couches, chairs, TVs, board games, plus plenty of arenas to smoke marijuana… On 420, the arena was filled with people. There was a lot of noise coming from that section of the dispensary. The supervisor did not seem to care. She seemed easily glad that everyone was having a nice time on 420. I was supposed to labor until 6 that morning, however the boss talked me into staying until 8. The arena was still felt with people at the end of our shift. Both of us offered away some really nice marijuana products with each purchase, so I am not surprised all of us saw a sizable crowd on that morning.

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