Free things I like to do when in San Francisco

My wifey May plus I decided to take a vacation to San Francisco, California.

The two of us had to fly on an airplane to reach the endpoint.

The flight was nearly 5 hours long plus both of us were totally jet-lagged by the time we got there. May paid a heap of currency for our hotel, but we were right in the middle of the city of San Francisco by Golden Gate Park. Since May plus I had spent a lot of currency for the hotel, we did not have a lot of currency for activities plus excursions. May spent various hundreds of dollars on legal marijuana supplies as well. Legal marijuana is a single of the big reasons why May plus I decided to go to San Francisco, California, instead of a few other endpoints on our list. Cali was the only endpoint with legal marijuana for recreational plus medical use. When May plus I looked at the legal weed prices, we realized it was deranged not to go to San Francisco. Luckily, there are a lot of great free things I like to do in San Francisco. May plus I took a drive down Lombard Street. The two of us rented a sleek convertible for the trip plus we absolutely enjoyed driving around the village with the top down. Lombard street is a peculiar road full of twists plus turns. It feels more care about a roller coaster than a road. There are vast numbers of trees, flowers, plus bushes that line the sides of the road. People can walk or drive up plus down the street or drive. May and I took a lot of long walks while we were there as well. Lots of things can be seen from the foot paths.

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