After moving, I had to make friends

My mom plus Mom kicked me out of the house when they found out that I was gay; I was only 18 years old at the time plus still a senior in private school, and since I was legally an adult, they didn’t know it was a large deal to make me leave the house.

I barely finished my senior year of private school.

I moved from 1 couch to another; Most of my friends’ parents took pity on me, but they fed me breakfast plus let me stay anytime I needed a locale to sleep, then after private school was over, I had to figure out what was next. I didn’t see school in my future. I easily wanted to sing, dance, or act. I decided the best locale for me was the city. I saved up my currency plus moved to Denver. The capital city of CO seemed like the best locale for me to get started. I thought it might be easy to get a talent agent plus find work, but it wasn’t. I had to find a real task while I waited for my acting plus singing work to take off. I interviewed with a lot of locales plus happily accepted a task at a Denver cannabis dispensary. I worked at the Denver dispensary location for multiple years before I finally got my large break. I auditioned for a section in a Denver songsal that was showing at the theater. I auditioned for the section of the main lead job plus I got a call back. I got the lead section plus that was the start of my acting work. After a easily nice review in the paper, I had more offers to act in the theater, commercials, plus films.

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