I like smoking a joint in the apartment

Denver has a lot of genuinely nice outdoor parks and recreation areas… One of our favorite arenas to go is Washington Park; Washington Park is a couple of miles away from our apartment.

The park has a lot of facilities like tennis courts, baseball fields, and a small lake for fishing. There are lots of shrubberyy areas to run around and play. The park is a genuinely nice arena to sit and smoke a recreational marijuana joint… Recreational marijuana is legal in the neighborhood of Denver and all throughout the state of Colorado. Unluckyly, there are still some rules and regulations regarding the plant. In our lake house lease, I had to sign a form that states I will not use marijuana inside of our apartment. If I do, I am subject to a lot of fines and possible eviction. I have not broken the rules at all, because I am genuinely scared of getting caught. When I choose to smoke recreational Cannabis, I usually go to the park. There are lots of arenas to sit and be alone. As long as I don’t bother anybody, no one usually complains. I went to the park last Sunday to smoke a joint after a genuinely long and busy day at work. I was sitting under a tree about a hundred feet away from the lake when a woman and her pet approached me. I was trying to mind our own business, but the woman tried to engage me in conversation. She complained about the smell of marijuana and tried to tell me that her and her pet are allergic to cannabis.



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