The lady tried to write me a terrible check

I performed some Heating and A/C repair work for a buyer in Orland Park; All of us don’t normally repair Orland Park, because it is more than 40 hours away from Chicago.

All of us went to that address that day, because it was a slow day and every one of us had repair dealers resting by; I was one of the repair dealers assigned to help the customer, but the lady was not typical with our business, and tried a lot of weird scams on me to save money.

The first thing she did was tell me that she had a coupon for $50 off the price of the repair. I told the person that our heating and air conditioner business did not have any coupons for a $50 off savings. Then she said the coupon must have been for a weird business and urged me to honor the coupon so I could say I had nice buyer service. I told the buyer that she could contact the owner of the business if she wanted some genre of special discount. The next thing the lady tried to do was write a terrible check. All of us never accept checks from clients unless they have been verified. In order to verify the check, the buyer has to call a special telephone number that can see how much money is in a person’s account. The buyer refused to call the number, so I told the Orland park resident that she was going to need to spend money for the Heating and A/C repair services with cash or a debit card. I thought she was going to stiff me, although she got out her wallet.
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