The park was the perfect place to celebrate Jack’s birthday

My son Jack wanted to have a party with all of his friends and I honestly didn’t want all of those kids at the house.

I didn’t want to spend a whole day cleaning after the party was over.

I told Jack that he could have a birthday party if we could have the party at a park in Evansville, Indiana. Wesselman park is very close to our home and a very nice place in Evansville, Indiana where the kids would have plenty of space to play games and have fun. I promised my son that I would come up with several fun games for the outdoor party. I looked online for ideas from other parents and I found a lot of great party games that would be fun for the kids. I ordered a cake made like a Transformer, because that is my son’s favorite movie. A few days before the party, I watched the news forecast and I saw rain. I hoped the storm would move in a different direction, but the weather forecast each day continued to get worse. Eventually I knew the party had to be held at the house. I called my sister and she helped me set everything up in the basement of the house. It was cold and chilly down there, but I put a space heater in the back of the room away from the kids. I turned the space heater on to the lowest setting. The party turned out to be pretty nice and the kids were warm and dry instead of cold and wet. Jack and his friends had a good time at the house and they really didn’t make a big mess.

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