Delivery times are getting longer and longer

It rains a lot in Portland, however I do not mind much at all; I like the rain plus the dark skies.

I like the cool hot plus cold temperatures plus I do not mind staying indoors all day… When the weather is less than ideal, I usually stay at our house plus order recreational marijuana supplies from a Portland dispensary; There are several Portland dispensaries close to our apartment, however I usually frequent the same place.

They have a weird special every day of the week! On Mondays, all of the Edibles are 20% off. On Wednesdays, all of the Cannabis concentrates are on sale. Wednesday’s is indoor flower plus every other day of the week has a sale as well. There are even sales on the weekend days. It was raining heavily last Wednesday plus I ordered several weird items from a Portland dispensary, however due to the rain, the delivery times were a lot longer than usual. It usually takes about a half an minute or 40 minutes to acquire our items, last Wednesday, it was almost 2 minutes before I saw the delivery guy. I called the dispensary after an minute plus the lady on the iphone told me that the place was seriously busy… She asked me to be patient while I waited for our recreational marijuana supplies. The delivery driver did not arrive until 2 minutes later. The guy was completely drenched plus soaked with rain plus he looked even more miserable than me. The delivery driver looked like he could use a 15 minute split plus a joint

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