The dispensary manager regularly offers a bi-weekly sale plus special

My roommates plus I live in an condo across the street from a medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary.

There are a ton of perks that happen when you live outside of a dispensary; First, both of us regularly suppose when the sales plus specials are good… Both of us can easily walk across the street to find out what’s going on plus what product will be the bi-weekly special! It’s also a blessing to have a locale close, especially when you run out of supplies.

For some reason, I often run out of marijuana plus need to go to the dispensary, then having a locale right across the street is a wonderful perk. The Seattle dispensary manager regularly offers a bi-weekly sale plus special. Most mornings it is a free pre-roll with every $50 purchase. The more currency you spend, the more free pre-rolls you can purchase. I went to the Seattle dispensary while in one of the sales. I spent $250 on cannabis concentrate plus I gained five pre-rolls for free, however last weekend our roommate was at the dispensary plus found out that they were having a sale on all of the loose cold water hash, however everything on the top shelf was buy numerous plus get one for a penny. I care about to top off bowls plus joints with loose hash plus I have never seen the products on sale. I was happy when our roommate came beach condo plus told me about the deal. I got dressed plus went to the Seattle state bank ATM, then after that, I went right to the dispensary to pick out a couple of coal products.


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