Wintertide in Evansville IN, wasn't too cold

Even before I got married, I promised our spouse that I would consider moving to his home city with him.

  • I had been to IN several times, but I had never been to Evansville, IN.

I wanted to make sure that I was prepared for whatever odd weather they had in Evansville. I was pretty sure there would be some extreme weather considering IN was near the Great Lakes. I was also sure that there would also be some warm days. I made sure to contact our friend whom I had visited in IN and asked what she knew about Evansville? She told myself and others that it was a nice city if you wanted to live in the city. She enjoyed residing on the family farm. I talked to our fiance and told him that I wasn’t sure about residing in Evansville, IN, and he chuckled. He told myself and others that he didn’t live right in the city. He commuffled from the homestead to the city. He had his own small home on the family farm, and he had recently had it completely remodeled. He had a current gas furnace and air conditioning program installed, along with all current HVAC duct. He also had Zone Control installed. I knew I was making a wonderful choice when I chose him to marry. He had everything under control for when I moved to Evansville, IN with him. I was sure I was going to prefer our cabin as long as he was there to share it with me. The nice area was that if it did get chilly and the gas furnace went out, I had him to keep myself and others warm.
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