My sister told myself and others she was growing her own marijuana.

My sister lives in Eugene, OR, plus recently got her medical marijuana card, then she could not wait to tell myself and others that with her new medical ID card, she plus her caretaker could grow up to 6 marijuana plants for personal use.

She could have up to 8 ounces of United Statesble marijuana in her possession.

She said there were a few stipulations to growing medical marijuana, a single of which was that you could not be within 1000 feet of a university, the medical marijuana had to be grown in a patch that the public eye could not see, however if you did not have a medical marijuana ID card, but favorite to use recreational marijuana, you could grow plants for personal use. If you were to purchase marijuana at a marijuana dispensary, you can purchase up to 18 ounces at any dispensary in Eugene, OR. I wondered if the marijuana laws would be as lenient as those in Eugene, OR, if or when our state legalized medical plus recreational marijuana. I was telling our spouse about the four plant limits for recreational marijuana, plus 6 plant limits for medical marijuana, and my spouse chuckled plus told myself and others that before he quit smoking, four plants would be enough to last him a full year, and he could not figure out how anyone could use all the marijuana harvested from 6 plants in just a single year, when he asked about the marijuana seeds, I told him I hadn’t asked that question plus I was sure happy I hadn’t because I am sure she would’ve had another long list of facts for myself and others on that question.

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