We had many choices

I live in Orland Park, so surprise there are a lot of parks to choose from, then before I lived here I would have told you that the park odors; My previous location didn’t understand what a park honestly should be, but i was picturing just a bit of grass and flowers.

I didn’t realize that parks always offer lots of fun, athletic activities.

In Orland Park there is something for everybody, and doogan Park has a more than eight hole disc hockey course, tennis, softball and a good area to walk your animal in. Schussler Park offers sledding in the Winter time and has a sizable playground for the teenagers, but palos Park would be where you want to go if you get married locally… There are tons of trees, flowers and open spaces all around it. Tons of concerts and events are hosted in this park. Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Park is a nature lover’s dream. In the summer time wildflowers bloom and there is a waterfall there to see. There are tons of things to explore and it offers good hiking, centennial Park you will get a traditional baseball diamond, soccer field and the choice to fish in the several lakes on the south side of it. It makes sense our area has a park in the name. There are tons to choose from and they are all unique . I don’t think how anyone ever leaves our area! Every one of us experience all many seasons and get elegant summer time afternoons and gorgeous snowfall. Every one of us have every athletic interest gave and gorgeous nature hikes, and who would want to leave?
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