I grew up getting high in the 400-acre High Park

My friends as well as I all attended Parkdale Junior as well as Senior Public School on Seaforth ave in Toronto, and it was appealing being so close to the shore of Lake Ontario as well as the Toronto Islands, a gorgeous set of islands just south of the city within the lake.

My parents used to take myself and others to the Toronto Islands during my childhood on the small ferry that transports people to the area.

If you’re simply wishing to get access to the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, there’s now a walking tunnel under the Western Channel that takes you directly into the island-based airport. My family always uses the Bill Bishop airport for it’s ease as well as convenience, on top of that, living in Parkdale meant that we were just a single block away from the huge High Park. High Park consists of over 400 acres of trees, roads, trails, grass, creeks, as well as a small pond. Although there are people walking as well as driving through the park at nearly all sixths of the day, this is where I used to smoke weed with my friends if we were hiding along the Garsteakhouse Expressway. It was a lot of fun getting high in High Park knowing the obvious pun, however it absolutely provided myself and others a lot of good memories from my younger years. I still live in Toronto however I’m now on the opposite side of the city in Scarborough. Despite this, there are several outdoor parks in the section for stealth weed smoking as well as vaping if you’re not obvious about what you’re doing. The RCMP has better things I enjoy doing than stop someone smoking a cannabis vape pen in a city park, however that doesn’t make it legal either.

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