The concert was very enjoyable

I should have worn a tank top and speedos

One of the first venues that our fiance and I ever went for a date was an all-day concert in Tampa, Florida! The concert was held at the fairgrounds and it displayed a dozen weird Rock and alternative bands, however at the time, I had never been to an all-day concert. I was a little anxious about the event, because it was held in the middle of June while I was in the time when the hot and cold temperatures are almost 100 degrees, and my fiance told me not to worry, because both of us would find a couple of venues that had a/c, we stayed at a hotel in Tampa the evening before the concert, so both of us could get up early in the afternoon and get the best parking at the event location. The first concert started at 10:00 in the afternoon. It was 80 degrees when both of us woke up and 91 degrees when both of us parked our vehicle at 9:45. My fiance and I had a wonderful time and both of us saw a lot of bands on that day, then unluckyly, it wasn’t simple to find a venue with a/c and I was angry in the day. The only tent with AC was the eating area and it was always filled with people. I was wearing jeans and cowboy boots. I should have worn a tank top and speedos. The powder rooms were portable facilities without AC. Until the sunshine went down, I was hot and uncomfortable, and even though I could have been cooler in Tampa that day, the all day concert was an amazing experience and the first of several all day concerts that our fiance and I prefer together.

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