If I wasn't high, I never would have tried that

The stratosphere is a single of the coolest locations on the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada… Las Vegas is a genuinely fun location to visit, but it is a very hectic location to live and work.

While I prefer visiting Las Vegas frequently, I am cheerful to live an hour outside of the city! My friends and I went to Vegas last weekend for a bachelor party, the two of us went to a recreational marijuana shop while I was in Vegas.

The city has had legal marijuana laws for a long time, jack and I smoked a 1 G of marijuana pre-roll, and it hit myself and others harder than I thought it would. I smoke marijuana every single day, but this pre-roll was infused with hash and distillate oil, then one of our friends dared Jack and I to ride on Insanity. It’s a large mechanical arm that extends over the edge of the stratosphere building. It’s a single of the scariest looking rides in the world. Of course, I had plenty of Bravery when I was high. I told our friends that I would ride the ridiculous attraction if someone else paid for the ticket. Jack agreed to the same system and another neighbor paid for the tickets, however right before the people I was with and I got on the Las Vegas ride, I realized I was being completely insane. I tried to back out, but all our friends were cheering for me. I tried to close our eyes during the entire ride, but I particularly passed out a couple of strange times. I will never try that experience again. I wouldn’t believe I even did it the first time if there wasn’t picture evidence.

Marijuana Shop Las Vegas Nevada