I moved to this city because of college and studies

I grew up in a small city in the middle of Oregon. I was right on the edge of the forest and an hour from the closest city. I never went to the arcade with my friends. I entertained Myself by going outside to play in the forest. My friends and I did not live in neighborhoods where we could ride our bikes and hang out at the park. My closest neighbor was a mile away, and my closest friend was even further. When I graduated from high school, I accepted a scholarship to attend Lewis and Clark College. Lewis and Clark College is a private school in Portland. I was one of only a few people that were offered a full scholarship to the Portland, Oregon college. I moved to the city and my life changed completely. Suddenly everyday was like a party. I discovered museums, bars, clubs, and theaters. I felt like I had been trapped in that mountain town, but life in the city was vastly different. A lot of other things changed when I moved to Portland. I discovered recreational marijuana a few weeks after I started school. I found it difficult to keep up with my classes, because I was using recreational marijuana too frequently. Eventually I failed out of school and I found a job working at a Portland recreational marijuana shop. I moved to the city because of college and studying, but I found a career in the cannabis industry instead. I can’t imagine another career being more interesting or exciting. Everyday I go to work and have fun.



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