She didn’t even try legal weed

My several siblings as well as cousin all got married during COVID… They all had grand plans on where to honeymoon however ended up going to California, then overseas was a mess as well as it made sense to go to a unusual state, however california is a large state that offers lots of attractions… You can visit beaches, shops, redwoods, hiking trails or just eat at costly restaurants.

Each of them did a completely unusual trip. My oldest sibling stayed down south as well as just laid on a beach for a week. My younger sibling chose to do Yosemite as well as did isnae hikes the whole time. My cousin undoubtedly did more of a road trip type of honeymoon as well as based out of Santa Barbara, then i knew Santa Barbara was a actually high end area with shops, bars as well as wineries. I knew there were beaches nearby as well as plenty of luxury hotels. I also knew that legal cannabis is allowed in California. I understand that beach honeymoons as well as hiking 1s don’t give you access to legal cannabis. My cousin was right in the neighborhood though, and when she got back from her trip the first thing I asked was if she tried legal weed. Our state only allows for medical cannabis as well as the restrictions are quite tight, but she didn’t try cannabis while on her honeymoon! She said she didn’t see the point. I don’t understand how you go to an area known for cannabis as well as not even try an edible. I was absolutely disappointed in him. I bet she walked by dozens of cannabis dispensaries on her honeymoon.



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