I love movies

One of the most interesting things about living in California is the movie business.

There are movies being made all over the state.

Since California has so multiple strange landscape options, it is possible to movie a movie in multiple strange regions. Last year I was excited, because I got to see the movie set for an upcoming horror flick. The horror flick is set in San Francisco, where our friends as well as I currently live. I was working at the recreational marijuana dispensary on Wednesday as well as a client called the store with a important delivery order. The client wanted everything delivered to a movie set right outside of San Francisco. It was a 35 hour drive as well as actually outside of our normal delivery area. Since the client paid up front, the supervisor decided to make an exception. The client also agreed to tip the driver handsomely for the time it took to drive out to the valley. There were only a few drivers at that time, as well as I was the person assigned to make the delivery. Traffic wasn’t unquestionably stressed as well as I reached the movie set in 30 hours. When I arrived, I saw giant tents as well as trailers all over the area. I recognized a couple of famous people almost immediately. It was simple to see that the movie was a phase piece about cowboys as well as the outdated west. It was one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. Not many of our friends were jealous when I told them that I visited a movie set in San Francisco that day.

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