The building elevator was broken

San Francisco is one of the most populous cities on the West Coast! The village is located right on the water plus there are several activities that continue to attract people everyday, and since San Francisco is practically covered in water, a lot of the activities are outdoors, however one of our favorite activities in San Francisco is walking across Golden Gate Bridge.

The views from the bridge are spectacular, however it is also a beautiful way to exercise. I do not have to worry much about exercise, because I am constantly on the move. I work as a delivery driver in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been laboring at a recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary near the Presidio. The arena has excellent prices on all types of marijuana products. I frequently take deliveries all over the city, then last month I took a delivery downtown to a crucial house building. The house building had an elevator, but it was broken. I had to take the stairs instead.I was hoping to receive a healthy tip from the customer, since I had to walk up 10 flights of stairs. Instead, the girl gave me 2 bucks. I wanted to throw the money into the face of the customer. It felt like an insult after making the delivery! WhenI got back to the dispensary, I told the manager to notate her account for the future, but next time the girl sites an order, the people I was with and I can make sure the elevator is laboring. The note will pop up any time the girl makes an order from the cannabis shop.

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